The Infinite Monkey Book Club Podcast

Hello, friends!

I recently joined a podcast with a couple of friends called The Infinite Monkey Book Club.

If you’re into sci-fi media, sociopolitical commentary, interviews with awesome authors, monkeys, and general shenanigans, we may be the podcast for you.

In episode 1, we discuss the 1949 post-apocalyptic novel Earth Abides as well as 2014 Philip K. Dick Award winner The Book of the Unnamed Midwife, and then Midwife author Meg Elison herself comes on for a chat a bit later in the episode (and she’s fantastic).

Please note: This episode is not for kids as it contains adult content, and we do discuss the topics of sexual violence and slavery in the context of Meg Elison’s book, which focuses largely on gender, sexuality, and reproductive rights in the context of the apocalypse.

You can find Episode 1 here.
Happy listening!
Sylvia C.
PS: If you’re curious about where we got “Infinite Monkey,” check this out.

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