Viva Scriva guest post: Are we there yet? How to know when your manuscript’s ready to submit, to whom, and why!

Hello friends,

This last week, we had the pleasure of writing a guest post on the Viva Scriva blog.

Viva Scriva is a Portland, Oregon-based critique group whose members are “…writers of picture books, middle grade, YA, textbooks, graphic novels, fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, folklore, and nonfiction.” They are also “…mothers, artists, geneticists, lawyers, ski instructors, magazine editors, teachers, students, librarians, linguists, and book lovers.” Amassed together, they speak “French, Romanian, Spanish, German, and a smidgen of Portuguese, Dutch, Swahili, and Ancient Greek, and have published over 33 books and have hundreds articles in many well-known magazines.” Phew!

In our guest post, we decided to tackle a common question that pops up in writers groups everywhere: how polished should your manuscript be before you submit, and why is it important, as a writer, to ask yourself that question?

Read the post here, and find out more about the lovely ladies of Viva Scriva here.

We hope that everyone has had a chance to enjoy the spring weather we’ve been getting lately. Sarah’s in Hawaii for the week, and I’m spending as much time outside as humanly possible, working some much-needed sunshine into my vitamin-D-deprived skin!




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