NaNoWriMo’s Over: Now What?

Hi friends,

First, we wanted to give a massively impressed shout-out to all of you who started, worked on, and/or finished a project during NaNoWriMo! We both believe that NaNo’s not just for hitting that elusive, sparkly 50k and beyond; it’s also about taking the initiative to start something and work hard on it, whether you end up finishing or not.

For those of you who did finish your projects during November’s mad dash to the finish line, we have one question for you: 

What’s next?

Whether you’re thinking of pursuing self publishing, hunting for an agent, or submitting to small presses, one thing’s for sure: that newly hatched, fluffy little manuscript of yours will have a much better chance of flying if you get a pair of professional editorial eyes on it before you kick it out of the nest.

That’s why, for the month of December, we are offering an 11% (in NaNo’s eleventh-month-of-the-year honor) discount on proofreading, copyediting, and developmental editing. Sign on for an edit of your NaNo project with us by December 31st and get the jump on your publishing plans for 2014.

Not sure what kind of editing your story needs? Wondering about scheduling or prices? Just want to chat about it with someone? Contact us here in the comments or request a quote whenever you’re ready—just don’t wait too long, only 28 days left!


Happy holidays,

Sylvia & Sarah


About Ex Libris Editing

Editorial services catering to the diverse creative communities of the West Coast and beyond.
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